Secretary Kerry: Youth call for you to stop the Enbridge tar sands scandal

That’s a wrap!

The action may be over, but we’re going to keep fighting to stop Enbridge’s illegal scheme and any other fossil fuel projects that threaten our communities.

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Call To Action

We are calling on young people & allies across the Midwest to join us for an action in Washington DC to stop Enbridge’s tar sands scandal. Secretary Kerry cannot allow Enbridge to sneak tar sands through our backyard, so we are coming to his front door in Washington D.C. to make sure he knows where we stand. This is a call to escalate, and some of us will be risking arrest. We encourage anyone to participate in our call for civil disobedience or to join our generation’s call to action.

Join Us on August 25th

Why This Matters

John Kerry’s State Department worked out a backroom deal with pipeline company Enbridge that has allowed the Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline expansion to proceed without any federal environmental review. This illegal deal zigzags the oil across the international border on a different pipeline, so the tar sands can start flowing at capacities similar to Keystone XL before anyone has ever studied the environmental and social impacts.

Over the last 2 years we’ve collected petitions, visited senators’ offices, made thousands of calls to the President, and this past June we helped bring over 5,000 people to Minnesota for the largest march against tar sands our region has ever seen. We’ve mobilized and engaged within the process and it’s not working. We need to escalate.

On September 10th the Alberta Clipper case will reach federal court. It’s up to us to ensure that Secretary Kerry stands on our side, reverses Enbridge’s illegal scandal, and stops the Alberta Clipper. While we await a decision from the administration on Keystone XL, it is unacceptable for the State Department to turn a blind eye and allow tar sands expansion across the border. We call on Secretary Kerry to prioritize the voices of young people, indigenous communities, and communities most impacted across the Midwest to join us on the right side of history.

Who We Are

We are students and recent graduates organizing young people across the Midwest to expose Enbridge’s illegal scandal and stop the threat of tar sands. As young people in the region this marks the beginning of a new chapter dedicated to taking on the fossil fuel industry and standing up for a just and stable future for all. We are calling on our generation to join us in escalating the region’s fight to halt tar sands expansion and stop the Alberta Clipper.

As young people we root our work in principles of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-colonialism, and anti-capitalism. We know the exploitation of the planet is integrally tied to the exploitation of people of color.

We envision a world free of an extractive economy that divides people, families, and communities. We dream of a world that values black, native, and queer lives, upholds treaty rights, and honors the right to make a livable wage.

We support a transition to a world that rejects the valuing of some lives over others and demands justice.

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Join The Action

On August 25th, join us in Washington, D.C. as we call on Secretary Kerry to stop the Alberta Clipper and expose Enbridge’s illegal scandal. Sign up to take action with us and find out more ways to support our work. More information about event logistics can be found here.

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